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Aidan & Roxy
Wedding Photoshoot

Beach photoshoot - Dublin by the sea
Idea and implementation by JuliePhotoArt

customer testimonials
♥ Julie was our photographer about 3 times within the last year. When looking for a photographer for our Wedding we wanted to find someone flexible, with creative ideas, willing to understand our wishes and see the wedding pictures the way we see them. And we were completely delighted to find someone with a creative approach. Julie is a responsible, professional, interesting, never-tired photographer. She was with us for the whole day of the wedding from early morning till the night capturing the most important moments of our life.
I have always wanted to have a winter wedding but that was leaving us without any summer pictures in my beautiful wedding dress when Julie offered us a package that included a photo shoot at the seaside in summer, so we spent another great day running around the shore at sunset making pictures and remembering our Wedding.
To make sure we understand each other and discuss the Wedding we had a few meetings where we also did extra photo shoots to capture our engagement story which was included in our Wedding package and made us more excited. Julie easily agreed to all our suggestions and had a lot of her own of how to make this unforgettable and fun! For those who are looking for an easy-going, creative and professional photographer - you must have a look here!
Aidan & Roxy
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